Bay State IP

I’ve had the pleasure of designing two logos for Bay State IP, as their website and brand have evolved over the years.

Current Logo (blue)

With the most recent change of their website, they wanted something clean, simple, and modern to match the new aesthetic. Blue has always been an important color for their brand, so I leaned into that with the text. The tagline isn’t a script, but a fancy italic that doesn’t sacrifice much legibility for style, in the vein of the “Obama campaign” look.

Old Logo

So, I love this one. It’s hard when you do design work not to get irrationally attached to some of your work. The bridge here is the iconic Zakim bridge into Boston, and with the name of the company being a reference to the area I was just too excited to include this. To get the shape right, I wound up using a photograph as a guide for building the shapes and individual lines for the wires in photoshop. The font here is Champagne & Limousines, which is pretty and fancy but only available as a web font through Cufon, so I’ve fallen out of love with it for this kind of usage.

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