Digital Art

A collection of works including full color images with and without text and smaller pieces that can stand alone or be incorporated into larger works.

I Regret Nothing

The first of my experiments in digital collage. The background is an oversaturated orangey mess of trees and architectural elements. The title text is scrawled

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Purity Is A False God

This took for godsdamned ever to make, since I overdid both the background layering and the flower in the center. I’m happy with where it

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I’ll Die On My Feet

An except from a poem written for a character with a bit of a problem in the “catastrophic obstinance” department. An icon floats in a

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Glorious Inefficiency

Updated version with better legibility! A paraphrasing from an essay in Holy Nonsense, the words float over an ethereal sunrise, where a person stands with

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Evidence Is A Conspiracy

Blue circuit boards, light trails, and other digital nonsense make a chaotic backdrop for the title text picked out in an early terminal style font

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I Belong To Myself

This is probably my favorite. I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but I’m only a humanoid squid-faced-thing. View extra large image here

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