Flyers and Handouts

Stuff for you to print out and deliver to unsuspecting people wherever you go! All flyers and handouts are CC-ND-NC and must retain all credits found in the file.

For The Revolution

This 20 page pdf is a collection of Holy Nonsense pages relevant to the interests and needs of those engaged in acts of civil disobedience

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Techno Police

View as a PDF I Love Fearmongering About Dystopian Techno-Police States. <V3XAT10N is at it again/> Not that any of this is wrong, of course.

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View as a PDF Blessed are the Malcontents For they will not be swayed By your excuses and misdirection Blessed are the Cranky For their

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View as a PDF Verthaine Explains the Difference Between Erisianism/Discordianism ~ and ~ Neo Pagan Revivalism Neo Pagan Revivalism is the attempt to discover how

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Shut Up

The Great American Shut Up by The Good Reverend Roger If you would like to view the pdf on a screen, use this link: The

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View the PDF here Discordianism, A Brief Explanation by Professor Cramulus If I ever have to explain Discordia really briefly, I’ll say something like “Taoism

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