Holy Nonsense

Being a Collection of Words and Pictures Selected to Provide Comfort and Confusion in Strange Times

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Individual Pages, Page Blocks, and Collection Files

Power Cursing

Power Cursing -or- Bad Words of Wisdom A lot of people hoard videogames, comic books, or other forms of popular media. Myself, I have a


I sometimes walk along the riverbank during my lunchbreak. With the object of increasing my range, I decided to eat while walking today. Chewing while


Reflex – View/Download the PDF here I put a bandana in my purse on the way out the door reflexively Because if there is teargas


Move – Download the pdf here Move She is wearing a silly hat and her awkward bisexual shirt. Her long skirt does not look like

She and I and You

Download/View the PDF here She and I and You I am an unreliable narrator you say. I never know what’s happening. You are too put

For The Revolution

This 20 page pdf is a collection of Holy Nonsense pages relevant to the interests and needs of those engaged in acts of civil disobedience


View the PDF here Some Notes About Balance by chaotic neutral observer and Professor Cramulus We all seek balance in our daily lives. Life-work balance,

Techno Police

View as a PDF I Love Fearmongering About Dystopian Techno-Police States. <V3XAT10N is at it again/> Not that any of this is wrong, of course.


View as a PDF I’m sorry I burned the roast I was too busy curled up in a ball watching the news go by watching

Love Your Ugly

View as a PDF Love your ugly Your petty and your uncharitable and your socially awkward Love the stain on your favorite shirt, the way


View as a PDF She has tinnitus Says it sounds like a symphony Tones that ebb and flow into infinity Smiles and nods, faking it


View as a PDF Things I Learned While Watching Cartoons LittleLostStar iwritevictuuri.tumblr.com/ It’s not just about power, or might, or the ability to adapt. You

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