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Things I Learned While Watching Cartoons

It’s not just about power, or might, or the ability to adapt. You can have all of those, but you also need fun. You need the ability to be vulnerable, to have no ambitions beyond just having a good day. You need to be able to embrace silliness, to nurture play, to have that space where a very specific kind of emotional growth can occur. Fun makes a hard life a little easier. Fun makes your own mortality a little less frightening to grasp. Fun is the spaces in between, that can’t be measured by money or military might. Fun is what nurtures imagination, allows you to see a situation in a whole new light, to find new solutions to problems previously considered impossible.

Fun is what makes a stranger into a friend, rather than an enemy.
Fun helps you see past your differences.
Fun is what fuels curiosity and openmindedness.
Fun is the first thing to die in a war.

It stands to reason, then, that if you’re expecting an extended war, you’ll need a plan to protect the fun. War may be an awful endeavor, but with no fun to hope for, your troops will inevitably collapse under you. This applies to culture wars, as well.

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