Immune System

One of the things I love best about Discordja is that it’s like a mirror you can hold up to reflect how stupid things are. When somebody says “We tolerate all religions”, it makes me wonder if they have an immune system to protect against cults, hate groups, and people that are straight up WRONG. Do you tolerate evil ideas too? If so, your tolerance might be kind of shitty. Lord Omar used to hang out at spiritual gatherings in the 60s and try to out-do the level of crazy he was seeing. People were claiming they were the reincarnation of Cleopatra, claiming they were channeling Isis (and in turn demanding to be treated like Isis), and the community didn’t have any immune system to filter out those egomaniacs and nutjobs. Discordia was a mirror he held up: “Don’t you think some of this shit might be … you know, bullshit?” Like, if you can explain to me why the Turkey Curse isn’t real magic, I can probably apply that explanation to most of what you call magic. All those people with robes and candles and athames that think they’re accomplishing something by speaking in rhyme to their imaginary friends are on EXACTLY the same footing as some spag going “GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE” while pretending to feel up an imaginary woman. Aleister Crowley once said that the point of his whole life was to spit in the grimy face of society in hopes that it would have to wash all the filth off.

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