Inconvenient Universe III

Notes on an Inconvenient Universe – Part III by the Good Reverend Roger What’s the matter, Bunky? You say things aren’t what they used to be? That the future has made you uncomfortable? That things would be much better if the Gays weren’t quite so Gay about things, and maybe if the Blacks and the women would go back to being quiet about what and who they are? That a Black president was okay the once, but reelecting him has made it look normal, and now you worry? Well, fuck you, Bunky. You would be more comfortable if ~ 54% of the population was less comfortable. How nice. How very fucking nice. All it would require to make YOU – the main character – is for all of those people, almost 200 million human beings, sit down and SHUT UP about how they’ve been treated and continue to be treated on account of Brown skin and/or female genitalia, homosexuality, transgender issues, whatever. But has it occurred to you, even once, that none of those people give a fuck about your feelings on the subject, any more than you give a rat’s ass about their feelings? Do you not suppose it irritates them when you open your face and weird rationalizations as to why they are inferior and should SHUT UP and vote for their own oppression? It irritates ME, and I’m as whitebread as you are. It irritates me because it is and YOU are a DUMBSHIT and it really WOULD make the world a better place if you’d SHUT UP or even maybe accidentally crash into a gas truck on the way home from work tonight. Because what all your whining really says is “I am afraid to compete for jobs and/or mating chances with that many people”, and “I may be a po’bucker swine, but at least I’m not on the bottom of the heap.” But you are, aren’t you? Yes, you are viewed by the vast majority of the population as a useless throwback. Too ugly in spirit to associate with, and too dumb to hire. Your day has been over for 50 years. You will soon live under a bridge, and your children will drink filthy water for the rest of their lives…Because YOU were too lazy and too cowardly to stand up on your hind legs and act like a human being. And the world will not miss you. And nor will I. Marginalia: An ornate Art Nouveau style frame with a large apple with a K in the center top, and text below that reads “we are what we do.” To the left, a person in ragged clothes holding a bindle is indicated as saying it, despite the fact that the art style is radically different and the frame is as tall as the person with their silly feathered cap.

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