Modern Witch’s Dilemma

Modern Witch’s Dilemma – I summoned Dr. Who once. I was wrestling late one night with the typical early-adulthood crisis of “what would have happened if I had made a different choice regarding a particular boy?” and decided that the best way to definitiv- ely resolve the question was to explore the theoretical quantum multiverse for a version of me that had made the other choice. Without significant pomp or circumstance, I mentally requested the thought-form of The Doctor to show up, and to my surprise I got a response almost immediately. I guess not a lot of folks are summoning fictional aliens just yet. Knowing that he has the (sometimes limited) ability to travel across the multiverse, I requested that he look around for me for a bit to see if there were any where I had made the other choice, and if so what the outcome had been. I don’t even remember promising him a reward or making an initial offering of any kind. He left, off to deal with the task, and I slept soundly, knowing that I would have an answer in due time. About two weeks later as I was getting to sleep, The Doctor returned. I didn’t call him. He said (in that non-verbal, non-physical way that the moderately sane perceive their responses from the gods) that he was done with my request. That there was no universe wherein I had wound up with the other boy in question, with the exception of those places where we were both such different people that it didn’t really count as “me” in the first place. That the current situation (with that person, at least) was completely inevitable based on experience and brain chemistry. It wasn’t necessarily the answer that I had been hoping for, but the closure helped me move on.So did I talk to a non-corporeal representation of a fictional character from a television show, or did I use that identity to trick myself into accepting the obvious truth I’d been avoiding? Or did I just make all this up for your amusement?

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