Religion Is Kinda Stupid

In many ways, Religion is kinda stupid, right? -Cram but instead of leaning away from it let’s dive in head first Let’s exercise our right to be wrong Let’s juice the religious experience for everything it’s got Because IF beliefs are sacred, even the stupid ones, BOOM, a bunch of really stupid shit is now sacred. A lot of atheists come into Discordianism because it’s this great joke on religion. And then when you feel where this headspace is, you can see there’s something else beyond and you don’t need to go to church for it. you don’t even need to really believe in a god to tap into it, it’s this chaos inside which can become anything and listen — if there are things in this universe that are irrational then our rational minds deceive us into thinking that whole Enlightenment routine can bust down any wall but hey, you try reasoning with the clouds I’m sure they’ll come around. listen, some stuff in this world is sacred and I don’t know what sacred means except a connection between heaven and earth, the conceptual and the material, the body and the spirit and some stupid shit is sacred now finally finally the bibles are molding on the shelves finally the traditions have worn out finally the parade is over finally god is off the pedestal finally we are in the driver’s seat finally a roach will save me finally, flying baby shit

This Is Holy Nonsense

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