Never Look Back

Louie, I’ve had it up to here with your bitching about how this pandemic has ruined your life. Seriously, this is not something someone arranged to make your life more difficult, it is not someone’s fault, it is just the way the world operates. Plagues are part of the normal human condition, and we’ve been spoiled for a very long time on this particular topic. So no, we can’t just ignore it and go for “herd immunity.” That’s not how herd immunity works. Smallpox had its way with us for no less than 15,000 years, and we never developed herd immunity until we had a vaccine. Only now we have a vaccine and you don’t want it. Just like you don’t want any of the OTHER ways of mitigating the virus, AND you don’t want lockdowns (which is what you get when you don’t do all that other shit.) And even if there weren’t any lockdowns, nobody is going out to the pub or whatnot, because THEY DON’T FEEL LIKE DYING FOR YOUR ECONOMIC IDEALS. How selfish of them, right? In any case, we’re moving forward. You don’t have to move forward for us, but we will not slow down to let you catch up if you change your mind, and we’re not looking back. You will be a curiosity, some dude we used to know that died in a stupid way. At best, nobody will want to think about you. At worst, you’ll be a joke told at parties…once we can have parties again, shortly after the plague rats all die off . And there you have it, Louie. Don’t ever look back. Accept that things change and sometimes things are lost or just over forever, and move along with your life. Or don’t. We can always just nail your door shut and paint it yellow, like back in the good old days. Venomously yours, Hamish Page Background: a bunch of overlapping straight lines with no discernable pattern, with white boxes cut out at random angles containing the text

This Is Holy Nonsense

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