Aristotle Was A Toe Rag

Aristotle was a toe-rag, and if his grave is ever located, people should crap on it. There, I said it. – The Good Reverend Roger – When approaching a problem, people tend to want to use either inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning, but successful problem-solvers use both. Inductive reasoning is applied to generate a broad range of possible root causes, and then deductive reasoning is used to narrow the list until a solution is found. The trick is to never allow a beautiful theory to blind you to what the data is telling you. Logic relies on the brain structure of weaponized apes, and that structure imposes limitations that said apes must be able to look past by not ignoring what the actual, real-world results are. In other words, Aristotle had it totally backwards and set humanity back a thousand years because he was one of the “ancients” and everyone had to listen to his stupid ass. Marginalia: a circle with different characters depicted around it, separated by columns, all in the style of the Ancient Greeks. Inside this, a square frame in Art Deco style with the words THINGS JUST KEEP HAPPENING.

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