Terrible and Loved

Don’t you dare DON’T YOU DARE Tell me what a good job I have done Type up a certificate and sign your name and affix the official seal To commemorate my worthy accomplishments How dare HOW THE FUCK DARE You name my good deeds in the public square? Publicize my busy schedule? Praise my long nights and bruised elbows And my refusing to take a break? I have spent ALL MY YOUTH Faking being good enough to be loved And I am tired of pretending Tired of earning it Tired of hearing how good I am At faking being anything other Than a waste of oxygen And I do not want DO NOT WANT You to tell me that I really AM good Really AM worthy Really AM anything better than the lump I feel like Because if love is something that must be earned It must be able to be lost And I do not want to be lost I do not want to spend every moment on this earth Faking it I just want to be terrible And loved. Background Description: young woman in a dress, dancing with a fan, heavily obscured by flowers. A complex five sided structure is nestled within a five sided flower made of vines

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