Zen Catholicism

Zen Catholicism – V3xat10n – It is often said that the wise are silent. Listeners. That they weigh the evidence before them, before calmly – and collectively – reach a level-headed decision. They don’t jump to conclusions. They don’t put their feet in their mouths. They toe the line. They always keep one eye on themselves and one eye on the world around them, so they know when and how to act. It was this wisdom, we are told, that built the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. It was wise men and women – well, mostly wise men – who knew what to do when the Plague struck down a third of Europe. These men who knew how to respond and what to expect when the Twin Towers fell. Wise people. Brave people. Grand, wise, silent people. So, of course, we are told to be wise as well. To achieve Great Things, and appreciate Small Things. To listen. To be silent. We are encourage to achieve wonders by being meek. Because all the great people in history started out “small,” too. “The Greatest Teacher was also the Greatest King! Jesus Christ could have saved the entire planet with less than the snap of his little finger, and he’s coming back from the Sky someday to BEAT UP ALL THOSE MEAN OLD PEOPLE WHO KEEP A-BUGGIN’ YOU. But despite His great power, he just decided to get nailed to a fucking tree stump instead. On Purpose.” We are told. This is all bullshit, and therefore, we endorse it completely. I mean, shit. You gotta “believe” something, right? Might as well be this! Fuck it! What do we care? It gives you an ethos, keeps you from wandering around the planet stabbing and shooting things (well, hold on…. Unless they deserve it. Then it’s OK.) You get to completely ignore the whole “what the fuck is actually happening around me” thing, and everybody else does so fuck, why not you too? Right? So yeah. If you want to believe that what the fuck do we care. You go right ahead and do that until you turn blue in the soul. ANYWAY… Here’s the problem. That story up there? Yeah, it’s bullshit, I know we told you already but listen, you half-spilled bag of turds, that story was concocted and propagated by exactly the same assholes who are now telling you to ignore the old man behind the curtain – and the child under his frock. They will talk for hours on end about how righteous you are for doing the Right Thing all the god damn time, while they’re colluding about who to hate next. And they’re not exactly hiding these days. They are in front of you all the fucking time reminding you who you are and what you believe, and what’ll happen if you DON’T, by Gosh. But while you’re all so busy keeping each other in line, they’re controlling what our children see and hear, they’re literally punishing people for being who they are, and they’re getting us all to hate anyone who wants a better lot in life. Nobody’s asking you to save the world. Nobody’s asking you to crucify yourself. All we’re asking is for you to . WAKE . . THE . FUCK . . UP .

This Is Holy Nonsense

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