I know it’s a fight. by Zenpatista In fact, it’s more accurately called a shit-fight against the establishment. I know I’m the little guy. I know that as I stand up that some are too cowed, or beat down, or habituated to their “whatabout”isms to stand with me. That’s OK. I know that it’s inevitable that I will go down. And it probably won’t be a typical beatdown. It is very likely that I get roasted alive and “made an example” of. That’s OK too. But I also know that it will be a glorious fight and I will make them cry. I will make them wonder. I may face imminent defeat. But when I go down, if I go down, I will do so swinging, grinning, singing and spitting. Marginalia: drawing of a woman with a long nose and hair in a kerchief or wrap, smiling as she holds a quill above the page of her book, poised to write.

This Is Holy Nonsense

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