Chainsaw Murderers

I Don’t Believe in Chainsaw Murderers You can cite me your statistics You can make me watch the news You can take me to a crime scene But it won’t be any use No matter how the corpse is cut up I’ve already made my mind up I don’t believe in Chainsaw Murderers. You can say I’m in denial You can tell me that I’m wrong You can choose to sit and argue with me All day and all night long But I hope that you won’t mind That after wasting all that time I still don’t believe in Chainsaw Murderers. Don’t bother with your movies Or your television shows Even you know all that’s fiction And most of it just blows Because my suspense of disbelief In these fictions that you preach Breaks down around Chainsaw Murderers. I’m not interested in logic Or your evidence or facts I’m happy in my prison Because of what it lacks There’s a reason I won’t give in We all chose the worlds we live in (I live in the one without Chainsaw Murderers). Page Background: frame with stylized, geometric flowers and ivy climbing from the bottom, where some grass is growing

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