Habits Frontside Back I have made it a habit to report every ad that comes across my path in social medias. Paradoxically that forces me to pay more attention to them, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It revealed me some weird insight on how they actually affect my behavior. Couple days ago there was an ad for coffee. That made me crave coffee. My coffee wasn’t even the same brand that made the ad. I don’t think that matters. If you drink coffee, eventually you’re gonna run out. Then you need to buy more. Again, most people don’t buy the brand in the ad. Some do tho. So, for me it seems more smart to see the ad, condemn it as bullshit and store it in the portion of the brain that deals with disgusting things. Not paying attention helps them creep past the defenses. Background: a frame around the text made of overlapping rectangles in no particular order.

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