stop equating ubiquity with success. stop burdening us with trivial minutiae. stop growing out instead of up. stop eating Chilean sea bass. stop using baby talk. stop feeding the fire at the same time as you extinguish the light. stop trying to save us from ourselves. stop legislating morality. stop neo-tribalism. stop propping up the pyramid of privilege on the shoulders of indigence. stop fantasizing about reality. stop defending your illusions. stop taking your pills. stop being a shill. stop running on the wheel. stop “blinging”. stop democratizing idolatry. stop being a patriot. stop voting with your remote control. stop settling. stop suspending your disbelief. stop buckling under the pressure to be what other people need you to be. stop clinging to the dried-up husk of a life that you’ve been sold. stop fearing re-birth. stop playing with matches. start playing with FIRE. -East Coast Hustle Page Background: a dark scene with a dilapidated cathedral overlaid with unforgiving gears

This Is Holy Nonsense

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