Fall Like A Pro

FALL LIKE A PRO – I was watching a video of Tony Hawk doing a 900 at 48 years old, and, no lie I am super into the fact that when he puts these things out he always includes a bunch of attempts where he just *fails.* Miserably. Board falls out from under him, tumbling on the pipe, sliding on his knees, just fucking *going limp on the pipe and letting the momentum die down before attempting to sit up* failure. One important lesson, and the overt one he is trying to teach, is that you keep failing until you get there. Nobody is born fully formed, we all get banged and bruised in the process, and failing is not something to be ashamed of. Get up, get back to it til you get it right. OK but also, I can’t help but noticing as I watch this that he FALLS like a pro. Some random 48 year old is going to break themselves in half doing this, not because they mess it up the first time but because when they mess up they will fall in an unsafe way. Obviously there will always be some risk involved, but this is someone who has dedicated his life to falling *so that he can get back up.* He positions himself to land in the pipe and not on the edge, he relies on his pads, he goes limp at all the right times, sliding with it instead of fighting it. None of that is instinct. That’s decades of training. When we talk about resilience we often only talk about the strength to get back up no matter the odds, but *learning to fail sustainably is a skill, too.*

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