Note to Young Men

Note to Young Men – by Richter – You may hear some noise from these people or groups talking more about “Manliness”. Like character, integrity, strength, or proper use of testosterone are some kind of fine lost art. They’re NOT. Growing your chin pubes won’t do shit. Carrying a pocketknife won’t do shit. Suspenders, pipe smoking, bourbn drinking, gun shooting board nailing, woods walking, Jack Londoning, Melville, Kipling, Kennedy, strt razoring, Masons, turkish baths and Indian clubs won’t do SHIT EITHER. That little voice in the back of your head – the one that you disregard because it sounds like daddy or grandaddy – that tells you to do something because it’s “Right” or “responsible” – start there. If you don’t have this voice find a role model. (Same as above)

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