I sometimes walk along the riverbank during my lunchbreak. With the object of increasing my range, I decided to eat while walking today. Chewing while walking on rough terrain being a bad idea, I naturally bit my lip hard enough to draw blood.

On the way back, I took a less-traveled path through the brush a bit above the shoreline. Head held high, admiring the autumn colours, oblivious to the ground beneath me, I stepped in quite a deep hole, and fell, almost rolling down the riverbank in the process. Once I managed to drag myself back onto the path, I found I had a cut on one finger, and a bump on my right shin that would turn purple by morning.

I’m not sure what the origin of the hole was; it was too large and vertical for any critter I know of, so I think it was some sort of river-erosion induced sinkhole.

TL;DR: I took the road less traveled by, and almost fell off.

~ chaotic neutral observer ~

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