Nightmare Worlds

Sometimes I immerse myself in nightmare worlds on the internet. There’s the extreme metal community, for example — particularly the parts of it that revolve around black metal, and especially so called “NSBM” and I have never seen the things happening in these parts before. They’re tearing each other to pieces — there’s one part of it that’s all “ok so this ironic nazi shit has to stop now were ruining everything” and another part that’s like “wait rofl you were being ironic?” I’m mesmerized in these forgotten chatrooms on ancient p2p file sharing programs, it’s like watching David Icke with a swastika tattooed on each eyeball vs hipsters who are suddenly uncomfortably aware that their replica schutzstaffel uniforms are enabling things they don’t agree with but they can’t be genuine about it -Words from the Maw of the Void

This Is Holy Nonsense

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