Fruits of Revolution

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The Fruits of Revolution
– The Good Reverend Roger

There’s no point in talking about the 4th of July unless you’re going to talk about where The Revolution led us. And where it led us was a plutocracy…This isn’t a perversion of the system, it is the system’s natural end. Certain checks and balances were put in to put this end off, but as we’ve recently seen, the last of those checks and balances (the Supreme Court) just failed.

The funniest part is, I have watched various losertarians and other free market retards say that “Hobby Lobby (et al) should not be forced to pay for contraception”. They weren’t. Their insurance carrier was. And now their rates will actually go UP, because of the increase or likely increase in pregnancy among their employees. So this was never about economics, you stunted little morons, it is about CONTROL and keeping the poor poor by making sure they have lots more little poor people. You are idiots, and this sort of shit is why you will always be on the bottom rung, screaming your Ayn Rand bullshit. Fuckrags.

This decision of course follows the one a few years back in which the SCOTUS decided that corporations can basically have the local government declare eminent domain on your property and sell it to said corporation for pennies on the dollar, if the corporation can prove that their use of the land will pay more taxes than the original occupant.

So happy 4th of July, you fucking mongoloids. Be PROUD of that flag. After all, it’s what they cover your head with while they FUCK YOU IN THE ASS. And try not to think too much about the fact that these assholes in mumus are the LAST century getting the 19th century all over your 21st century. Try not to think about the fact that they take your patriotism and convert it into the gigantic dildo that’s probing your liver. Suckers.

That is all. You may now return to SUPPORTIN’ THE TROOPS and watching your fireworks while you smash your brain with shitty fucking beer.

I hate you all.

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