Weaponized Irony

I think we need to apologize for the weaponization of irony. We were the edgy bastards who abused the rules. We mocked law and order, showed that it was really a game of power. What did that fucking get us?? Now power is naked, shameless, and it’s horrifying. We were standing there in a row, hurling shit by the handful. And it wasn’t just to mock the deserving — we also enjoyed it. Look left, look right — now we’re standing in a crowd of people hurling shit. But the shit is landing everywhere. Turns out we have been egging our own fucking houses. And the people standing next to us are egging our house and enjoying it. Honestly, I think back to all our times trolling people on forums — and don’t get me wrong, I got no fuckin remorse about that — I recognize that basically nothing could have stopped us except for sympathizing with those grouchy fingerlicking mouthbreathers. Any argument you could throw at us was JUST WORDS, easily disassembled and thrown back at them. And now we’re under that same kind of assault. it used to be US saying “you can’t control me, I am David and you are Goliath” Now we’ve all become Goliath as a bunch of trolls in klan hoods run circles around our ankles. by Professor Cramulus

This Is Holy Nonsense

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