Go Outside

Go Outside – I know it won’t solve everything and it may solve nothing but you are too broken right now to be leaving any possible stone unturned in your recovery. You know you need to go outside. I t doesn’t matter what the weather is like, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired, it doesn’t matter if you can’t believe in anything right now and all you can manage is the barest minimum of bodily maintenance for yourself and those around you. Haul your ass out of bed. Put on clothes. Go outside. Make up a reason. You know it doesn’t matter what you’re actually doing out there. Go for a hike, walk into the office, eat lunch on the porch. Wander the neighborhoods every morning, taking pictures of the flowers in the dozens of little gardens you’ve been ignoring. There are beautiful things all around you. Start taking “stop and smell the roses” really, really literally. Make friends with the snails. They don’t care that you’re a bummer right now and they don’t have any needs you can fail to meet. You can’t focus on anything complicated right now and they aren’t complicated. Stop beating yourself up over how small you’ve curled up and start appreciating the small things that fit in your curled up space. Touch tree trunks. Go the fuck outside.

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