Guerrilla Surrealism

What Brother Allelujah was trying to get around to in his long-winded way was this: people who are sure they’re right are trouble, and are the typhoid carriers of the Curse of Greyface. Therefore, they are responsible for all the troubles of the world. So, the only way to combat them is to attempt to make them unsure of everything. The most commonplace things. Everything. Paper clips. You can make them unsure of their paper clips. The best Discordian tactic is called Guerrilla Surrealism. Trust me; I’m a 5,000 year old Abyssynian — I know what I’m talking about. Listen to ol’ Godspo here. Guerrilla Surrealism — the primary weapon of the Holy Avatar Calvin, Hagbard Celine, Caligostro the Great, Henry Kissinger, Puck, the Knights Templar and other great Warriors of Discord. A blameless, guiltless and subtle method of gracefully driving people out of their minds. Infinitely variable, incredibly adaptable, endlessly versatile and really cheap. Do you know how many gross of washers or wingnuts you can get wholesale, real cheap? Especially if you go in with a few friends? I’ll explain. No, there is too much. I’ll sum up. Example I of Guerrilla Surrealism: The Wingnut Trick (heh heh heh). Pick your Thuddite carefully. The most pompous, plodding Thud you can find who is accessible to you. Bosses are ideal. Professors too. Quietly, no more than once per day, maybe twice (patience, patience), slip a wing nut or washer into a jacket pocket, a desk drawer, a briefcase, a lunch box, a shoe, on the carpet — whatever. Do this slowly and subtly, with accomplices if at all possible. Say nothing. Do not get caught. In a month, your victim will be a gibbering wreck, being dragged off to the booby hatch screaming “WING NUTS! WING NUTS! AIEEEEEE!!” — a much more entertaining person. Another variant, usable only on people with ceiling fans, is to drop oily screws and metal bits underneath the fan, once every day or so. People become very worried, especially if they sit or sleep beneath the fan. People suffering from sleep deprivation are also much more entertaining than usual. Streaking was once a form, but is now too commonplace. Staging bizarre events (like dressing up as elves and running screaming down the ginza) is a beautiful thing. Bizarre graffitti is a time-honored pastime (see Markoff Chaney of Illuminatus! by Shea and Wilson), but getting caught and defacing property are equally bad. Lawbreaking creates the need for police, thus encouraging a police state, which is bad, children. The best definition of Guerrilla Surrealism is “an action so bizarre, it is not classified under the law.” Strive for perfection. It is a form of prayer. Strive for epiphany. If that doesn’t work, do something funny and run like Hell. Marginalia 1: a mystical looking circle with text inside at a sharp angle reading: the thing about dadaism is bicycle lunch-box booster tango cube. Marginalia 2: just some clipart of a band rocking out.

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