Lunch Break

Lunch Break by Maw of the Void There’s a hole right through it, like someone drove a fucking spike in the ground, you know, and didn’t see what was right in front of them. Greasy, probably two feet long, crawling with flies, how in the fuck they missed it I’ll never know. And I got curious, and I sort of angled my head like you do when you’re toe to toe with offensive odor, and I looked down the hole. And what do you suppose I saw? Nothing. The fucking void. Big as shit and ravenous. I kept walking, because the traffic light turned and I had only ten minutes till lunch ended. I’ll forget about it by tomorrow. But suppose I didn’t. Do you think I’d ever go digging in a rancid loaf like that, hoping to break through, let the void out? That I would wonder what lurks in roadkill chest cavities or month old Chinese food containers? Do you think I’d look inside? There’s a hole in everything. And the other side is alive, big as shit, hungry. But. Thing is. Question you gotta ask after a certain point is, are you looking into the hole, or peering out of it? Would you have walked away? Could you have, in the way that really matters, in your head? I’m starved. Page Background: a faintly visible skull lurks behind the text in light charcoal style. In the foreground, a blond girl in a dress recoils, but does not look away

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