PS: You’re Pope

PS: You’re Pope! – Did you know you’re a Pope? It’s true! Every man, woman, child, gender-non-conforming and/or non-human person is Pope of Discordia. Th is comes with some fantastic rights, and some fantastic responsibilities, although many Popes don’t know it. For one, you and you alone choose how to be a Discordian! Nobody can tell a Pope how to interpret scripture. Hold your own Council of Nicea whenever you want, and pick and choose the holy books you’ll adhere to and which you’ll ignore. Maybe throw a personal Vatican II if you like. Nobody can stop you, you’re Pope! For another, you can give people Pope cards. If you like. A lot of people don’t seem to know they’re Popes, so if you don’t tell them they might wander around thinking somebody else is in charge. You can also make up whatever names for yourself you want. (Remember that Discordia doesn’t recognize the State, so you may have to watch where you use your Holy Name.) Lastly, it means you can’t blame anybody else for your beliefs. After all, you’re Pope.

This Is Holy Nonsense

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