The Dinosaurs Never Died

THE DINOSAURS NEVER DIED It was a lie all along. The museum trophies of crystalizing carcasses were nothing more than the same tired authoritarian propaganda we consumed like sweet poison in our childhood. Look at how the mighty have fallen. See now the wages of hubris, the inevitable fate of all whose lives are incompatible with the paradigm of human superiority. Nothing so great and wild could last, they said. Nothing could deter Nature’s divine plan for the glory of the mammals and man. The dinosaurs had to give way, because we could not survive in their world. The dinosaurs had to be wiped out, because nothing that becomes so great can ever relinquish power. Old kings never bow down voluntarily. But look! On every continent, in every climate! In the patient gliding of falcons and the alien eyes of pigeons, the T-Rex feet of baby chicks! They’ve been here all along. No great and terrible cataclysm, no violent deposal from the throne. They let go of the earth and became what they were always meant to be. What will we become when we let go? Image Description: decorative tiles on both sides of the text have little dinosaurs inside! It’s great. There’s a stegasaurus and a triceratops and a bunch of others, in older paleo art style. I like the ankylosaurus the most but I won’t be offended if you have a different favorite, as long as you have one. Who goes around in life not having a favorite dinosaur? I mean, I guess if brontosaurus was your favorite before the whole “wrong skull” debacle I can understand being sore about it, but anyone whining that they can’t like T-Rex anymore because of the whole feathers thing, that’s just ridiculous. Have you met a bird? They are insane little hell beasts that have NOT FORGOTTEN they used to be the ones in charge around here and they will absolutely stomp your little mammal skull to bits, or possibly make friends with you if they feel like it because birds and dinosaurs both are fae as fuck and I guess this isn’t really an image description anymore but I really like dinosaurs and I hope you do, too. Even if your favorite is pteranodon, who wasn’t really a dinosaur at all.

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