Should I Buy These Eggs?

Should I buy these eggs? Because we don’t cook a lot of them And I don’t want them to go to waste But if we don’t have any I skip some foods That I’d otherwise like to make And they’re not all that expensive But I’d hate to take them home Just to rot And I don’t know if I should buy these eggs. Because there was a car following us From the offi ce to the store A black sedan with square-jawed passengers And when we were in the produce section One of them got out Walked over to our car And stood by it before leaving And maybe they were just placing a GPS Or taking one off But maybe it was something worse And when we get in the car it will explode And scatter our corpses and groceries everywhere And the eggs will splatter dramatically on the pavement An unintended casualty of our assassination And these eggs really didn’t do anything to deserve that They deserve to be cooked and eaten Not serve as a PG rated stand-in For the nearby mess that was our bodies B-roll for the 6 o’clock report But I might want to make omelettes And are the white ones cheaper? (Nope, brown is less this week) And I don’t know if I should buy these eggs. Page Background: a light tray textured background, with scrawled daisy divider at the bottom of the page, and a single cracked egg splattered on the side.

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