A Conclusion

A Conclusion: by LMNO – Discordia allows a person to behave they way they personally feel is proper. Do people have “Inner Natures”? Is it a product of their nurturing? Do people become self aware of their behavior? Is it gifted by the stars? Is it Thetans? Discordia doesn’t care, and Discordia doesn’t give an answer. Discordia tells you you’re free to do what you want to do, and to use Eris as your Appeal to Authority, as it were. Do you self-analyze constantly? Discordia gives you OmniPerspective TM so you can see yourself from any angle you like. Do you enjoy stupid jokes? Discordia give you Nonsense as Salvation, so you can be as silly as you like. Are you a dick that likes schadenfreude? Discordia has Strife and Destruction. Are you cynical and jaded? Discordia gives you Nothing is True. Do you just get high all the time and not care? Discordia tells you to Plant Your Seeds and Bliss Out. Are you generally a nice person? Discordia gives you Oh, Then Stop, allowing you to unsubscribe from destructive habits. Marginalia: a woodcut-style image of a campfire, with the caption “please insert opinions here”

This Is Holy Nonsense

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