Gods and Saints

On Gods and Saints ~ A God is a fictional character that people pray to for guidance, strength, or boredom. They come in many forms: power totems, spirit guides, fairies, bearded men who live in the clouds and selectively grant wishes, human-animal hybrids, anthropomorphisms of celestial objects, fish. They have different powers, and are called upon in different ways. Some of them are bigger dicks than others. They are, however, universally fictional in nature, although sometimes their followers forget this. A Saint is a God that used to be a real person.* * (It is not recommended to use a living person as a Saint, as they tend to get upset if you attempt to invoke them for inspiration on your term paper while they’re trying to get some sleep. Sorry about that.) Image: a photograph of Tesla in deteriorated halftone style, with a cartoon lightbulb near his head

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