Atheists vs Believers

Atheists vs Believers The believer thinks that atheists don’t think life matters much, because when you die, you’re just a lump of inanimate meat. Atheists think that believers don’t think life matters much, because it’s just a waiting room for heaven. Both are, of course, incorrect: Atheists value life because that’s all there is, and believers value life because they consider it a gift from a deity (or deities). Neither side will hear that, though, because they think they have to oppose each other, and it’s easier to do that if you dehumanize the other guy… So listening to this simple fact is impossible for them: Everyone values their lives. ~ The Good Reverend Roger Bottom Image: skeleton of a sauropod dinosaur with a black silhouette representing the outline of its living body, long neck reaching high over the buildings of an aesthetically confused city. The number 23 inside two pentagrams, with five rays emanating.

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