St Ea-Nasir

Oh Blessed St Ea-Nasir Father of the snake-oil salesmen Whose hate mail survived the centuries Yours is the immortality of assholes Of Blessed St Ea-Nasir Champion of the dickholes You sold the wrong grade of copper And cheated others in real estate deals You saved the clay complaints In your little Babylonian home Their survival is how we know your name Oh Blessed St Ea-Nasir Let us always remember There is more than one way to skin a cat That in a time of kings and conquest Even the common folk can be immortalized Through unconventional dickery Let us always remember That life is short, and always has been That we will die as certainly as our foes And the memory of our souls Is not tied to our virtue Oh Blessed St Ea-Nasir You never met a turnstile in your life Let us gum them up in your name Let us cherish our haters Let us bathe in their wrath Let us stockpile the complaints Against our shortcomings And our malice Let us do something worth remembering Even if we are not remembered well Oh Blessed St Ea-Nasir Hear our prayer

This Is Holy Nonsense

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