Go Mindfuck Yourself is another essay from the Et Cetera Discordia, a major Discordian undertaking by Professor Cramulus. This version is four pages with a light background, a couple bits of marginalia, and lace trim. The text has been released into the Public Domain, and in that spirit this layout of the work is also released CC0.

You can download it as an online-friendly pdf or as a booklet for printing and distribution.

Download online-friendly pdf

This booklet is designed to be printed and handed out, or left in places where they might be read. It’s not for reading online, the page order is incorrect.

To print, download the pdf and open the print dialogue, choosing Landscape Orientation and Duplex or Double-Sided (flip on short side). Fold in half with the title on the front page and the “Hail Eris” bottom trim on the back.

Download booklet pdf

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