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On Winning
by Andy Fyfe

When you’re playing a game and your opponents cheat, you will probably lose the game if you play by the rules. You won’t get bonus points for Taking the High Road, you’ll just lose.

You won’t impress onlookers with your determination to lose according to the rules. You’ll just lose.

You won’t win any votes by claiming a moral victory over the people who cheated and won. You’ll just lose.

When you lose enough, your cheating opponents will change the rules in their favor. They will change the rules so you always lose.

I realize this is a contradiction of many of our most cherished cultural myths, but it’s stone cold reality. It’s an easy cop-out to cocoon ourselves in self-righteous defeat, telling ourselves that if we just keep losing with our heads held high that eventually it’ll become a win. It never does.

When they go low, we stomp them into the fucking pavement, and let them wail about our non-regulation boots.

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