Safety Lecture

Safety Lecture by P3nt4gR4m The thing with psychos is there aren’t that many. Not stabby ones anyway. Statistically your toaster is more likely to kill you than a stabby psycho. So why are we more afraid of psychos than bread cookers? Let’s think about that. Why are we scared of psychos? Is it because the T V paints a picture of psychos on every street corner, competing for victims with drug users, rapists, and drunk drivers? The same TV which has a vested interest in persuading you not to go outside? In fact, has a vested interest in keeping you indoors, glued to the boob tube, watching commercials for toasters? Marginalia: text wreathed in laurels reads “Oh, the irony in being warned about trustworthiness from a villainous reptile in a skin suit.”

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