Spin Really Fast

The Right Tool For The Job -voxlunch- This morning I was working on something and made an interesting metaphorical observation. The cutting discs used on this rotary tool are very brittle. You can break them with your fingers. However, mounted on a spindle and spun at thousands of RPM, those same fragile discs can cut through steel. So the next time you’re feeling weak or useless, consider that you may simply not be getting utilized properly, and that your true potential awaits. Now go out there and spin really fast. Marginalia: A girl in a dress with a basket is spreading something on the ground, possibly food or seeds. Beneath her hand, a tree made of circuits is sprouting from the untamed grass and flowers. She says: I always read “plant your seeds” as being more metaphorical, but I suppose that’s the propagandist in me talking.

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