The Three Strengths

the Three Strengths There are three strengths we call upon: -Anger- -Obstinance- and -Denial- Anger gives us the strength to act. It makes our bodies strong and our words hard. Anger protects us from pain, and from embarrassment. Anger does not differentiate between friend and foe, does not understand shades of gray or degrees of wrongdoing. Anger is a hammer. Sometimes, a hammer is the right tool for the job. Obstinance gives us the strength to endure. It makes us stand our ground when others would sway us. Obstinance gives us roots to weather the storm. Obstinance shuts its eyes to the temptations of the world, and in so doing loses sight of alternatives. Obstinance is a stone. Sometimes, a stone is the right tool for the job. Denial gives us the secret strength when we are limited by the world to ignore the two options laid out before us, and to find The Third Path. When we find that path, we are Free. Marginalia: a three-lobed damask pattern overlaid on a biohazard symbol

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