St Petrov

Oh Blessed St. Petrov Patron of Keeping Your Cool Who did not push the Shiny Red Button No matter what protocol said We beseech you, help us to breathe You did not falter when the lights were blinking And the soldiers were panicking And the sirens blared The end of the world was at your fingertips And you left it there Oh Blessed St Petrov Let us follow in your footsteps Let us refrain from burning the house down At the whim of petty drama Or malfunctioning technology Oh Blessed St Petrov Let us remain bipedal In moments of crisis and desperation Let us consider what is likely Rather than what is frightening Let us choose the path of uncertainty and reprimands Over certain catastrophe Oh Blessed St Petrov Averter of Apocalypse Let us not romanticize the collapse of civilization Let us value the world You preserved for our sakes Oh Blessed St Petrov Hear our prayer Images: missiles fly over radio receiver dishes, with a satelite overhead. In the background, a mushroom cloud.

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