Love Your Ugly

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Love your ugly
Your petty and your uncharitable and your socially awkward
Love the stain on your favorite shirt, the way you wear down
the heels of your shoes
Unevenly, and too fast
Love that thing you did a decade ago, and that awful person you used to be
The crick in your neck, the knee that gets sore
When the rain comes
Love your cheat day
Love your never good enough
The hair that gets in your face, the dirty dishes, the fights you keep having
The knot in your stomach
That never goes away
Love your snores and your terrible laugh and your eyes closed in every photo
The food you hate and your bad taste in music
Love your vitriol and spite
Love your shaking, fists balled in the dark
The hallways full of ghosts and the sidewalks that trip you up
Your embarrassed, your angry, your falling down
Love your burn out
Love the marks that won’t go away
The regret, the resentment, the thing where your jaw pops sometimes
when you chew
Love your bitter, your combative, your resting bitch face
Love your no actually a bitch face
Your doesn’t always recycle, your doesn’t go to the gym enough,
your everything is wrong, your heartbreak, your side eye
Love your ugly
All of it

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