Jailbreaking for Idiots

JAILBREAKING FOR IDIOTS – from the Black Iron Prison – This prison cell’s got to give, you say. These iron shackles, they’re really chaffing my ankles and the noose makes it hard to breathe! I want OUT! I need a jailbreak! O RLY? Or are you, like many are, stuttering back a broken reflection of something you heard somebody say somewhere? Do you want OUT? Do you know what OUT is? Do you know what IN is, RLY? Do you? Ask yourself. You have to ask yourself all the time. I ask myself, and the answer is “no” a lot more often than I like to admit! In today’s world, here’s what The Con has done: not only is it hard to get out, it’s hard to want out. Because before you can want out, you have to know what IN is, and in order to do that you’ve got a lot of serious (SRSLY serious, as in a mad rush naked through the parking lot serious, not Greyface/cabbage serious) thinking to do. QUESTION THE FIRST: WHO is YOU, and WHAT is THEM? Before you can want out of the Con, you have to realize that there are probably very large chunks of what you think is yourSelf, that are actually not. I say large chunks because you’re probably fond of your personal rituals that depend on the Con: your daily cup of coffee. Your music choices. Your opinions about fashion. Humans by nature are ritualistic beings, which leads us into… QUESTION THE NEXT: AM MYSELVES OUR HABITS? Dreadful thought: are you actually a Person, or are you just an unconscious bag of protoplasm that exists to run around town collecting disposable shit and then pay somebody to haul it to the dump when you’re done with it? It may seem fairly obvious, but I’ve found myself disappear for WEEKS at a time, only to resurface in the middle of some Anonymous January wondering what the fuck just happened. Come to find out, I’d been so lost in the “Daily Grind,” (which is a fallacy) that I didn’t even notice that the fucking sun came up. Repeatedly. THRICE QUESTIONED: AM WE COMMITTED? Once you’ve shoved a splint between who you actually are and the shit you waste your time on, you can start to think about this point. Don’t bother trying to feel committed to a larger agenda like Jailbreaking before those first two points are covered — you’ll just spin in circles. But once you’re here, you’re on your way. Every Action is a Choice, and every Choice is an Action. When you’re presented with 2 options, this is the power to choose the 3rd one. QUESTION THE LAST: AREN’T WE ALL “IN IT TOGETHER?” The answer is NO. We’re not. Some people will help, most people won’t. And good luck finding somebody who WILL within kicking distance. And even if you did, they can’t dig your escape tunnel FOR you, that’s all yours. So quit waiting for the fucking Cavalry, the scalping blade’s already on your SKIN. With these 4 points, a tin-foil cap, and everything else you’ll need that isn’t mentioned here, you’ll be prepared to at least start SRSLY considering your jailbreak.

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