Holy Nonsense

Being a Collection of Words and Pictures Selected to Provide Comfort and Confusion in Strange Times

Holy Nonsense 2017 Print Edition

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Holy Nonsense 2017 Online Edition

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Individual Pages, Page Blocks, and Collection Files


View as a PDF It’s In Every One Of Us by Zon Mundhenk So I had a super wyrd dream last night. I was trying


View as a PDF Blessed are the Malcontents For they will not be swayed By your excuses and misdirection Blessed are the Cranky For their


View as a PDF Verthaine Explains the Difference Between Erisianism/Discordianism ~ and ~ Neo Pagan Revivalism Neo Pagan Revivalism is the attempt to discover how

On Winning

View as a PDF On Winning by Andy Fyfe When you’re playing a game and your opponents cheat, you will probably lose the game if

Oh You

View as a PDF Oh You You rebel You queer and wayward child You abandoned and listless You angry and forgotten You brown and black


View this as a PDF On The Fungus That Is Found Only in Texas and Japan, and Nowhere Else In The World So in Japan


View as a PDF I know it’s a fight. by Zenpatista In fact, it’s more accurately called a shit-fight against the establishment. I know I’m


View the PDF here Diogenes of Sinope Was On Some Real Shit I Tell You What ~ K.SPACECAT -He lived in a tub in the

Shut Up

The Great American Shut Up by The Good Reverend Roger If you would like to view the pdf on a screen, use this link: The


View the PDF here Discordianism, A Brief Explanation by Professor Cramulus If I ever have to explain Discordia really briefly, I’ll say something like “Taoism

The Strange Times

The Strange Times is an essay written by Professor Cramulus, which has aged remarkably well and been republished many times. Enjoy these delicious pdf versions!

Ladies of Discord

A collection PDF of women and femmes who have had absolutely enough of this nonsense already, thank you.

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