Holy Nonsense

Being a Collection of Words and Pictures Selected to Provide Comfort and Confusion in Strange Times

Holy Nonsense 2017 Print Edition

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Holy Nonsense 2017 Online Edition

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Individual Pages, Page Blocks, and Collection Files

The Parable of Sal

Download the pdf The Parable of Sal the Insurance Clerk by V3xaphod, with key commentary from M. Nigel Salt We follow the journey of Sal,

Nightmare Worlds

Download the pdf Sometimes I immerse myself in nightmare worlds on the internet. There’s the extreme metal community, for example — particularly the parts of

Handcuffs II

Download the pdf Handcuffs II ~LMNO It’s taken some digging, but I finally managed to grab that little fucker by the neck. Self-destruction. It’s something

The Functionality of the Strange

Download the pdf The Functionality of the Strange by (presumably) The Beatus Ffungo – Summa Discordia The biggest obstacle between our present selves and our

Love With A Discordian

Never fall in love with a Discordian. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. They don’t do things by halves, or even by wholes: everything is

There Is A Moon

Download the pdf There Is *A* Moon Somebody is going to come along and tell you you have to Question Everything because what you perceive


Download the pdf REJOICE! You are the persecuted ones. You will never be accepted. You will never be initiated with the rites of power. You

Cthonic Chronos

Download the pdf Cthonic Chronos by Enki2 The Greeks had a very Lovecraftian view of time, as personified by Chronos. A monstrous inevitability, time has

Notes on an Inconvenient Universe

A series of essays by The Good Reverend Roger Download the online-friendly pdf Download the booklet pdf for print

Pebbles and Tea

Download the pdf Pebbles and Tea LMNO I’m not going to go into a long introductory spiel on this, and I’m probably not going to

Parable of the Gong

Download the pdf The Parable of the Gong There was once a young Discordian called Golden Rod. Early in his illumination, he wondered what season

Parable of Steve

Download the pdf The Parable of Steve By Nigel There was an afternoon one summer when a young man we will call “Steve” happened upon

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